TEDi Tracks all of your business metrics, conversion rates & finances... in one place.
Then tells you what to do next to grow.
TEDi Tracks all of your business metrics, conversion rates & finances... in one place.
Then tells you what to do next to grow.


For U.S ResIDENTIAL Real Estate Brokers, Agents and Investors Ready to Close More Deals


Real, Qualified Leads on Autopilot With 24/7 Virtual Receptionist



TEDi Tracks all of your business metrics, conversion rates & finances... in one place.
Then tells you what to do next to grow.
TEDi Tracks all of your business metrics, conversion rates & finances... in one place.

Is This You Right Now? 🤔

  • I can't generate enough quality leads online

  • I'm exhausted chasing and following up with my own leads

  • I'm tired of repetitive, time consuming, tire-kicker, low-level conversations that aren't worth my time.

  • I feel like banging my head against the wall cold calling, door knocking, and posting on social media every day

  • I'm losing commissions due to lack of follow up

  • I'm tired of wasting money on bad marketing and sharing leads with other agents

  • I don't want another "fAcEbOoK AdS MaRkEtInG AgEnCy"

  • I'm paying for a ton of different software to run my business and it's annoying having to sign into them all

  • I feel like I spend so much time trying to get new clients and still see no results

Do You Want This Instead? 👇

  • I want a booked calendar with an untapped goldmine of EXCLUSIVE QUALIFIED seller leads

  • I want to get all my real estate leads in one place, take control of my follow up and close more deals.

  • I want a 24/7 virtual receptionist taking care of my business calls, chats, and social messages so I can focus on running my business

  • I want to position myself as an authority and be the obvious choice for people who find me online by collecting hundreds of client reviews at a click of a button

  • I want to improve my speed-to-lead and never lose another client again

  • I want a predictable, scalable, and consistent system to get in-front of off-market home seller

  • I want to scale my real estate business to 6-7 figures without burning out

  • I want to feel confident, inspired, and unstoppable helping my clients by knowing exactly where my next deal is coming from

  • I want to spend 0 hours per week prospecting and save myself hundreds of hours and headaches

See How We Booked Thousands of Exclusive Seller Appointments for Brokers & Agents Who Were Once In Your Shoes

Trusted By Top Agents: Don't just take our word for it.

See what dozens of our partners have to say about us

"I got a signed listing agreement in less than 3 weeks! I even got 2 referrals off that one lead. You guys are a HUGE time saver. Pick up the phone and call them-they are already warmed up"
How Abel Made Over $130,000 With Our Lead To Listing System 💰 "This system is so easy as long as the agent has a heartbeat"
"Don't even think twice about it. If I were you, I would 100% invest."

"I closed 2 deals and have 3 under contract. It's a really simple process. Pretty much everything is automated."

Note: We no longer offer trials.

"I cannot believe the results you got me in the first 30 days! You really took away the headache of following up."
"We just don't have enough listings here in my market. We are at historical lows in listings. Most of my marketing had been targeted to buyers. But now I feel really confident in my pipeline."

"I have leads I can actually work with. They have a nice system to keep a track of everything. Definitely give them a shot."

"This is great. I love the platform."

"There are more people to talk to with a direct purpose. Of course everything is not a 100% conversion, but I've been really happy with the amount of responses and people to talk with."

Join 52+ Real Estate Professionals Just Like You

You will achieve Predictable Lead Flow & Success.


In Total Real Estate Transactions


Listing Leads Generated


Listing Appointments Generated


Markets Served in America


We Use Our Proprietary Lead To Listing System To Get You Targeted Exclusive Off-Market Leads




After you share which zip codes you want to target, we give you exclusivity to that market. This way the leads are yours and yours only. (One agent per market, no more using shared leads.)

We collect data from several different data providers like credit bureaus, DMV records, tax records, and other public and private sources.

Our advanced AI system crunches the data to accurately predict which homeowners in your area will sell their property within the next 3-12 months. This typically boils down to 3,000 contacts per month.

Our executive concierge manually messages our simple (proven, and powerful) text message campaign to 3,000+ verified homeowners in your area over a course of 30 days. These messages our sent from our personal sales dashboard.

We verify that the lead is a true homeowner, has a verified phone number and address, they are looking to sell, they are NOT working with another agent, and they are requesting an official market evaluation. We filter out the tire-kickers leaving you with the most qualified leads.

Once the lead is 100% qualified, we send over their Name, Phone Number and Address directly to your phone and email.

If the leads aren’t fully qualified, our 24/7 executive concierge continues to qualify, nurture & follows up with your prospects for up to 6 months. The best part is, you don’t have to lift a single finger.

Exclusive territory- own your location

24/7 Virtual Receptionist Managing Your Campaign

Targeted exclusive off-market seller leads (Name, Phone, Address) ready to speak to you delivered straight to your phone

Personal Sales Pipeline Dashboard to track all leads and sales

GCI Tracker

Monthly Campaign Report

Unlimited Team Accounts- instantly assign leads to as many agents as you need

Moonlight Closing Vault- our tested and proven scripts to convert cash offers into listings used by our clients closing a combined $80M in real estate transactions.

1-1 Private Chat Support where you will receive priority support from our team when you have questions via a private channel.

Weekly check-in calls

Confidence and a peace of mind knowing exactly where your next deal is coming from

Text messages have a 98% open rate

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent

No internet is required to send or receive a text so your campaigns can reach a wider audience

🔥How Owen P. Made Over $75,000 From Just One Of Our Leads🔥

Watch the latest testimonial from a top agent using Moonlight Media Marketing to generate listings..

Excerpt from a YouTube video by:


Author of $100M Offers, Owner of, $85M per year... 

and has nothing to sell you.

"Conservatively, we've Left $30,000,000 on the table over the last 3 years because of such poor data management"

"Data Management has been the biggest mistake / the thing that I’ve messed up the most in the last 3 years and is one of the biggest things that kept us stuck.

As we were considering solutions, everyone was saying, “man, that’s so expensive”

So I asked them:

Do you think that the entire system and all the data of everything that you have is worth disproportionately more than one front line employee?

Of course it is.

If I could start all over again… I'd invest early in really good data systems… it will make your life so much easier.

Now, when I start new things or I talk to new companies, 

The first thing I’m looking at is: what are you using to track data?

You've got to get a good system in place."

Watch the full video here


Hyper-Profitable Data Tracking For Coaches, Consultants & Agency Owners.

TEDi utilizes a four-step system to track, evaluate, make decisions and improve every area of your business from marketing, sales, fulfillment, profitability and even your personal financials and net worth.

“Better Optics = Better Decisions = More Money”

Keith J Cunningham
The Real Rich Dad

“If you can’t read the scoreboard. You don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers.”

Warren Buffett
The Real Rich Dad

"When performance is measured, performance improves"

Keith J Cunningham
The Real Rich Dad


“Better Optics = Better Decisions = More Money”

Keith J Cunningham
The Real Rich Dad


See the Entire Breakdown of All Your Business Metrics in Real Time.

TEDi automatically combines 294 business and personal financial data points to show you the high level overview, finer details and everything in between.



How would you rate your current data & financial tracking system?

When asked, most coaches, consultants, course creators & agency owners reply... "

"Not great"

"It could use some improvement"

or even... "I don't have one"

So, if you were about to board an airplane and you asked the pilot, "How would you rate your instrument panel's accuracy?"

And he responded...

"Not great, I'm just going to feel my way to our destination"

"It could use some improvement"

or... "I don't have one"

Would you get on the flight?

Not if you wanted to survive. 

So how do you expect to scale a multimillion dollar company, confidently attract clients and employees if you don't have all the data you need?

You won't.


“If you can’t read the scoreboard. You don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers.”

Warren Buffett
Founder, Berkshire Hathaway, $100 Billion Net Worth


Finally Say Goodbye to Spreadsheet Hell.


TEDi Converts All of Your Confusing Data 

Into An Easy “Personal Profit” Scoreboard

TEDi pulls 294 data points from all of your softwares and tracks the top of the funnel all the way down to personal finances and net worth – and gives you a crystal clear picture of your past, present and future projected financial performance


Who is TEDi for?

TEDi is for you if you’re a coach, consultant, course creator, agency, service provider or expert with an existing business making at least $20,000/month in your business.

If this is you, you’re probably struggling with:

  • Uncertainty about what to do next in your business to scale to the next level - what’s going to move the needle the most
  • Making decisions in your business and personal finances based on “how you feel” or “what you’re interested in” and hoping for the best
  • Unclear, inconsistent, incongruent, incomplete or missing tracking for business KPIs, finances and personal wealth building
  • Knowing what to track and how to track it properly in your business and personal finances, accurately & all in one place
  • Unsure how to make all the numbers actionable you have a bookkeeper or accountant, but you’re 
  • Not enough time to systematize, automate or be consistent with your tracking
You keep making changes and fixes in your business, but for some reason, no matter how many changes or fixes you make, they don’t seem to solve the problem. 

This is for one reason… 

You don’t know the real problem. 
The reason why most entrepreneurs struggle in their business is because they simply don’t know what the real problem is – and they think they do. 

They base it on a feeling or a number that they got from somewhere that simply is incorrect.

Feelings Lie. Numbers Don't.

Stop Feeling Your Business and 

Start Knowing Your Business.

Would you get on an airplane with a pilot who said:

"Our instrument panel is broken, but I feel like we're going in the right direction"

Only if you wanted to gamble with your life...

How many times have you said: 

“I feel like this isn’t working” 

"I feel like our closing rate is low"

"I feel like something's wrong"

"I feel like I'm not getting anywhere"

"I feel like we should be doing better"

"I feel like I should invest in this"

...and then you made a decision because of that feeling - because you either didn't have the data or you didn't know how to interpret the data?

Been there.

The Problem is: 

You have incomplete, non-existent or inaccurate data and you’re trying to make decisions in your business and finances based on how you feel. 

That's why your wealth is not growing.

Stop Feeling Your Way Through Your Business.

How many times have you or one of your team members said: 

“I feel like this isn’t working”?

...and you try to tweak and change, you buy another program based on what you or your team feel the problem is or what you feel like learning next.

…but you don't really know for sure if it’s the right direction to go?

The problem is: You don’t really know the real problem

You and your team are trying to make decisions in your business based on how you feel, that’s why your business is not growing.

Instead, you need to know your business. 

And not just one aspect of our business like ads or sales conversion rates… you need to know everything – and how it relates to your personal income and net worth.


Tedi Tells You Exactly What You Need to Do to Hit Your Goals

TEDi automatically calculates every metric you and your team need to hit on a daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly basis in order to stay on track to hit your personal income and net worth goals.


“Lack of clarity is the primary reason for failure in business”

Brian Tracy
Legendary Success Coach


Complete Clarity on Everything At All Times

TEDi tracks and breaks down your income sources, payment processors, business expenses, personal expenses, net worth and more.


A Dashboard for Every Area of Your Business & Finances


Automate Your Sales & Appointment Setter Team Performance Data.

Drill down and look at one rep’s performance, look at the whole team or select any combination of team members.


Make More, Keep More, Grow More.

Quickbooks stops at your business finances. Your CRM only tracks your sales. Mint only tracks your personal finances. TEDi compiles  it all into one, easy to use dashboard.


See the High Level Overview, Finer Details and Everything in Between.

Drill down and look at one rep’s performance, look at the whole team or select any combination of team members.


Automate Your Sales & Setter Team Performance & Leaderboard

Drill down and look at one rep’s performance, look at the whole team or select any combination of team members.

Stop Wasting Time, Energy & Money in the wrong areas

TEDi will identify the hidden profit centers in your business and personal finances so you know exactly "where to dig" to maximize your time, energy and money.

"If you aren't doing the math on exactly what it takes to get to your goal income & net worth, you're not really serious about getting there."

- Grant Cardone


Automate Your Sales & Setter Team Performance & Leaderboard

Drill down and look at one rep’s performance, look at the whole team or select any combination of team members.

Become a Financial Master

Using TEDi will not only skyrocket your financial IQ, but over time will allow you to become a financial master.

Financial IQ: A type of intelligence and knowledge about obtaining, saving, spending and investing money wisely.

Financial Novice

  • Doesn't know their numbers
  • ​Doesn't have a system 
  • ​Doesn't know what to track, how to track it or where to track it
  • Disorganized, unclear, inaccurate and incomplete data
  • ​Unsure what to do next
  • ​Doesn't know their money math
  • ​On the income roller coaster

Financial Master

  • Knows their numbers exactly
  • ​Has a scalable tracking system 
  • ​Knows what to track, how to track it and where to track it
  • Organized, clear, accurate and complete data
  • ​Confident in what to do next
  • ​Knows their exact money math
  • ​Consistent growth


“The one thing I wish I did earlier was invest in a data expert. Once we had a dedicated data system, our business skyrocketed”

Alex Hormozi Founder

Automate Your Sales & Setter Team Performance & Leaderboard

Drill down and look at one rep’s performance, look at the whole team or select any combination of team members.

TEDi Does the Money Math for You Automatically

TEDi automatically calculates every metric you and your team need to hit on a daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly basis in order to stay on track to hit your personal income and net worth goals.



He's Right. 

But Don't Spend $120,000+ on a Data Expert to Do it For You...

We Do it All For You.

Our team will pull your data, integrate it, set up and maintain your dashboards for you. 

You will also get a dedicated support to make sure TEDi is up to date and accurate every day so you can focus on what you do best.


Having the data is one thing... 

Knowing how to read it, what it means and what to do with it is another. 

Hi, I’m Shabiha Nishi   👋

I'm the CEO & Founder of Moonlight Media Marketing. After talking with hundreds of Realtors, we realized that so many of them were getting burned by empty promised marketing agencies. They're all talk and weren't delivering good results because quite frankly, they just don't know how to deliver.

In addition, there has been high competition in getting listings. If you talk to other marketing agencies, you'll realize that majority are able to generate buyer leads but not so many of seller leads.

I started Moonlight Media Marketing after getting into Real Estate and learning that so many RE agents fail in this business. After diving deep and spending hundreds of hours talking to Realtors, I realized one of the common themes was Realtors did not have a predictable system to bring in leads or clients. Because let's face it... no business will survive without any customers.

This led me to create the


Lead to Listing System...

to combine my love for Real Estate and Math. I studied Applied Mathematics at college and am very data driven. Our team of data scientists continuously analyze billions of data points to optimize our marketing for our clients. I love data. I love numbers. I think I got an A+ on every math class I've ever taken lol. I'm all about knowing your numbers and make decisions based on data.

And after testing numerous marketing methods , we have finally cracked the code for advertising Real Estate and helping agents actually close transactions!

What that means for you is...

We can reliably bring you your dream clients that are ready list their property with you to sell their property!

No more sending out 1000's of emails and 1000's of cold messages...

No more drying out every referral you have...

No more trash 'leads' that have no interest in working with you...

Just booked appointments in your calendar...

All you have to do is close deals!

And most importantly, we GUARANTEE our results!

This system we developed is the highest quality product that I have ever been a part of and I am proud to work and grow with our partners. 💖

Start attracting highly qualified exclusive seller leads to you on AUTOPILOT so that you can get back to doing what you do best, selling real estate. Join Real Estate Agents & Investors in working smarter, not harder.

Large Call to Action Headline

Hey, I'm Blake Saunders👋

Blake is the fulfillment manager at Moonlight Media Marketing. As a real estate entrepreneur, Blake adopts a new method of reaching homeowners interested in selling by simply networking with them through texting and SMS. He realized that this is an unconventional method of reaching potential sellers.

“Real estate is a serious relations business, and to be successful in it, you need to have a full pipeline of people that are looking to buy or sell at all times. The only way to have a consistent pipeline is to have more conversations with your ideal clients, and know how to get in contact with them. The most efficient way is by texting them,” Blake says.

“When we started, we used a marketing approach that was not very common. I am not aware of too many people using text message marketing to get new businesses. Most people target the online space, but despite the effectiveness of this style, it has become very saturated. The SMS marketing style helps us get direct contacts with homeowners that are looking to sell or buy. That is how we go over the details and get deals done.” Blake reveals.

We are grateful to have Blake on our team! He is expanding the real estate frontiers with a unique marketing approach, helping homeowners sell their properties at the highest rate and assisting realtors in getting great property deals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the quality of the leads?

100% qualified leads. We don't pass the leads onto you until we have figured out they are the true property owner, verified phone #, they are looking to sell, they don't have an agent and are looking for one, a timeline of when they are looking to sell, their email, and a request for an official market evaluation.

Will this work for me?

Our system has helped over 52+ Real Estate professionals even in the most competitive markets. And we are confident that you will have the same success as long as you put in the work. However, we first want to speak with you and get a better grasp of where you are in your business and determine if we can help you achieve your goals. We want to provide the best experience possible so we have a guarantee, a 24/7 Virtual receptionist and personal support team to hold your hand throughout the whole process, and full exclusivity to your service area. Book a strategy call today by clicking the button below.

What makes you guys special?

There are a tons of ways to generate leads online, but it's all about the time and energy you are spending generating these leads.

Our goal is to save you TIME and ENERGY by only delivering the highest quality off-market leads who are serious about speaking to you.

Although paid ads still work, you need a very strong follow up system. And unless you response to you lead within 3 minutes, you already lost a 98% chance of converting the lead.

FB/IG ads also tend to attract buyers and sellers who aren't that serious or leads who leave fake contact information like "", "123-456-7890". Sound familiar? lol

What sets us apart is the leads we bring are actually of high quality. (Just look at some of the success stories above).Many other marketing agencies bring in about 80% buyers and 20% sellers whereas we focus heavily on sellers.

After testing numerous marketing methods, we have finally cracked the code to bring in motivated sellers.

Say goodbye to garbage leads.

Why not just use the leads my brokerage gave me?

If you want to rely on your leads coming from your brokerage with a ridiculous split, then that's on you. However, if you want to stop relying on anyone else to have a full pipeline and become self-sufficient in your business, we will help you do that with our system.

How quickly can I get started?

After our strategy call and claiming your area, our team will build and launch your system within 7 days. If you are interested in funding, it may take an additional 3-5 days. One of our core values is SPEED and we want to see you achieve success as quickly as possible.

How much will this cost?

If we were a cookie cutter agency, you'd be seeing a price here $X, but we're not. Just because every Realtor is at a different point in their journey, their needs are doing to differ. We are confident that we can help Agents, Realtors, Brokers and Investors of all levels put deals under contract with predictability and consistency. We want to ensure that we are providing you the campaign that will yield the best results for you and only focus on what you need thus our pricing varies.

What if I don't have the funds to pay for this?

You can partner up with a lender and split the cost. Or you can also get funding from our 3rd party trusted partner and start with zero money down for the first 30 days. The first step is watching the video, if you think it's the right fit and you'd like to work with us, then you can apply. Remember - this is an investment for the growth of your business, not an expense. Pro tip: this is a marketing service so it's tax-deductible :)

Do I pay a referral fee at close?

Absolutely not! We think it's ridiculous to give up 30-40% of your commission just to do more deals. We are tired of seeing Realtors get robbed by referral-only companies for so many years.

Do I pay for more extra leads?

We guarantee you a minimum of 20+ qualified off-market seller leads. If we overdeliver, then you don't have to pay extra. We will never ask you to pay more for extra leads. However, if you're a broker or someone who wants more business and are looking for a guarantee of 40+ leads (instead of 20+), we can talk more about that on our call.

Do you offer a guarantee?

We’re so confident with our system, that we offer a guarantee. Just follow our process and go all-in and we are going to make sure you get a massive return on investment.

What type of results can I expect?

Let's do some quick math.

The average home price is $300,000.

The average commission is 3%

The average split is 80% (remember that splits are always negotiable)

So roughly, one client brings you about $7,200.

We bring you a MINIMUM of 20 high quality seller leads.

Let's say there's a 20% conversion rate. Actually... let's go even lower. Let's say on a shitty month you only convert 10% of these highly qualified leads.

10% of 20 leads = 2 listings * $7,200= $14,400/month

20% of 20 leads = 4 listings * $7,200= $28,800/month

40% of 20 leads= 8 listings * $7,200= $57,600/month

Again, this is a VERY very rough estimate. Of course the numbers will vary depending on your market, commission split, median price, etc. We can dive deeper into your specific numbers on our call, but I hope you're seeing the value.

FAQ image

Does this work with my current CRM?

Although you may already have a CRM, it is mandatory to use our CRM as you will get your own dedicated top producer number for all client messaging. Our clients love our CRM because it helps them stay organized and we use it to follow up with your leads. Our CRM is very easy to use, so if you're worried about the tech, don't worry we got your back. :)

Who does Moonlight Media Marketing work with?

We created our programs exclusively for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Investors in the United States.

Want to see consistent new client growth without the headache?

Want to free up your time and use a proven and reliable system?

Are you driven, motivated, a great communicator, love helping people, and have BIG goals?

If this sounds like you, click the button below.

How fast will I see results?

Results will vary but many of our clients have achieved great success with our system within the first 30 days (Refer to our success stories for info).

How do I know if my area is available?

Click the button below and book a call with our team. If your area is not available we will reach out and let you know before the call, and if it is, we will take you through our system on a call.

Are there any training videos on how to use your dashboard?

Yes, we’ve created a library of training videos on how to use this dashboard for your Real Estate business.


Your Next Steps

We'll have you up and running with TEDi within 30 days. From there, track, evaluate, decide and improve your way to financial mastery in 12 months.

The Only Proven System To Help Real Estate Brokers, Agents & Investors Consistently Close More Deals By Guaranteeing Off-Market Seller Leads Without Paid Ads

Yep, you heard us right... we're so confident that our system will help you close deals that

if we don't deliver on our promise, we'll work for FREE until you get results!

Are you finally ready to start closing more deals TODAY?

We want you to walk away saying "Holy sh*t, this is the best decision I've ever made"

More clients. More commissions. Better life.

When you invest in our system, your Real Estate business will grow like crazy.

Your Real Estate buddies' jaws will drop when they see your success... they'll ask you what's changed...only you will know the answer 😉

Click the button below if you are ready to close more deals!



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